Top 11 Historic Sites to See in Indiana

Perhaps history isn’t the most fun thing to do in your spare time. Most would probably rather catch dinner, a concert, or go grab a drink with some friends on the weekend. However, it is extremely important that we appreciate history. There is beauty to be found in some historic sites, and in the end you will come out more cultured than before. That being said, we’ve compiled a list of 11 historic sites you should visit in Indiana.

#1 Lincoln State Park

Lincoln City, Indiana was where the 16th President of the U.S. called home. This park is dedicated to that man. There are miles upon miles of trails to hike on, Lincoln Lake in which you can swim, and you can even catch a show at the Lincoln Amphitheatre on the right days. This needs to be on the top of your list if you're an outdoors enthusiast.


#2 Angel Mounds

Angel Mounds is a U.S. National Landmark located towards the outskirts of Evansville, IN. It once was home to Native American tribes. The mounds were used to build homes upon. The higher the mound a person's house was built upon, the higher their status in the tribe. There is a museum on the location along with simulations and replica buildings.


#3 George Rogers Clark Memorial

Located on the bank of the Wabash river in downtown Vincennes in what is believed to have been the site of Fort Sackville, the memorial towers over the surrounding area. Its steps leading up to 16 huge granite columns circling the monument. President Calvin Coolidge initiated the construction of a classical memorial and President Franklin D. Roosevelt completed the construction in 1936, and dedicated it to George Rogers Clark. Inside, visitors can expect to find seven murals hand painted by Ezra Winter, each depicting a different scene of the journeys of George Rogers Clark. There is also video documentary that can be viewed in the parks visitor center nearby.


#4 Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Located in Speedway outside of Indianapolis, this racetrack is home to one of the highest attended sporting events in history, the Indy 500. “The Indianapolis Motor Speedway officially opened with balloon races June 5, 1909, followed by motorcycle races Aug. 14 and automobile races Aug. 19.” ( The track has a museum in the center which houses relics and cars that have been raced over the years. The museums exhibits have detailed information on the origin of the track, its different racing events, and the founders and drivers that made these events possible. There is also a gift shop with unique novelty items and décor.


#5 Hoosier National Forest

Residing in Bedford Indiana, Hoosier National Forest covers 203,000 acres. Inside the Forest, there are multiple other landmarks amongst the beast. Pioneer Mothers Memorial Forest, Hemlock cliffs, and Rickenbaugh House are just three of the many attractions inside the forest. If you are looking for a beautiful scenic location to hike, horseback ride, mountain bike, camping or just to visit, Hoosier National Forest is a must see landmark.


#6 Indiana World War Memorial

A must see if you are ever in Indianapolis is the Indiana World War Memorial.  The memorial is made up of two museums, three parks, and 24 acres full of various different statues, monuments, and sculptures. The memorial is also the headquarters of the American Legion. Whether you are a veteran or just a curious history guru, the Indiana World War Memorial is a must see.


#7 Grouseland

Once home to the president William Henry Harrison during his term as the governor of Indiana, this large brick mansion was designed by the architect William Lindsay and constructed in 1804. Harrison decided to call the estate Grouseland due to the large number of grouse (a type of game bird) around the property. Visitors can schedule a tour of the mansion, which includes classic architecture and artifacts from around Europe and other regions of the world. The tour guides will give you a detailed history of the home and its number of inhabitants.


#8 Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

Built in the 1870’s, Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site was once the President’s home. Today, the home has been transformed into an informational site with the goal of informing guest on the life stories of the 23rd President. If you are ever in Indianapolis, the once home of the 23rd President, is one of Indian’s top historic landmarks.


#10 Indiana Theatre

The Indiana Theatre not only holds a special place in the hearts of those in Terre Haute; it also holds a unique place in history as the first version of atmospheric style theater design. Now known as the Indiana Event Center, this is somewhere you can enjoy the beautiful architecture while listening to classic music.


#11 Spring Mill State Park

The Limestone Grist Mill at the restored Pioneer Village, dating back to the early 1800's, is a perfect place to take your family and friends on all different kinds of occasions. You can learn history as well as explore the woods and the waterfalls at various locations on the 1,358 acre park.


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