Best Electronic Headphones

My name is Sam Bryant and I will be discussing which brand creates the best electronic headphones. There are at least hundreds of different types of headphones out there in the global market, so deciding which one is best for you can be a difficult question. In this video, I will be sharing how I chose which headphones are best based on factors of sound quality, style or appearance, and dependability.

When it comes to headphones, everyone would like their music to sound as pure and lively as possible. Some prefer certain beats intensified such as the bass. Others would like to be uninterrupted by outside noise, so a noise-cancelling option could come into play. Many people would just enjoy the music they love to sound like it would going to a concert; little audio tune and real. Style always plays a role in what headphones we want to buy. We want to look fashionable and comfortable wearing a pair that fits with our personality. Dependability is also an extremely underrated aspect. Headphones should be meant to last a good, long life span. No one wants to keep on replacing headphones if they stop working after a few years.

I narrowed down my top ten choices to a top three when testing what I think are the best electronic headphones based on each of the aspects discussed. At number three I have Bose headphones. Bose is known for their amazing ability to capture the finest sound by blocking outside sounds. When traveling especially on a plane, it’s good to own a pair of these because it will block the loudest of noise. Most of their wired and wireless options range from a price of $100 to $400. For quality headphones that’s a fair price for that. They’re dependable and will last several years, but style isn’t high with Bose. The main colors they offer is gray and black but at the same time, the price and quality is so nice that the style shouldn’t play as big of a role.

Second, I have Beats electronic headphones. Beats have great style and everyone recognizes them. They off the most creative look of headphones. Beats headphones also have good sound quality and structure. They fit well and feel comfortable while wearing. Some questions about Beats would be there dependability. Some that I have tried last years, but I also had one pair that only lasted seven months. Overall, I think it’s one of the best despite what many critics would say about them.

Finally, Sony takes the prize at number one on my list. Sony checks every box you would want. They have many affordable options. The sound quality is great because although they aren’t known for noise cancellation, they do a great job with surrounding yourself to high level sound. They offer many colors, and the shiny look appeals to many people. Also, you can trust their headphones just as high as anyone else. I’ve owned this pair for over five years and they have been my favorite since the beginning. They are the only type of headphones that offer great sound, a reasonable price, have a unique style, and are highly dependable.

In this video, I explained how Beats, Bose, and Sony are my three best electronic headphones. With so many types of headphones made, it wasn’t easy at first trying to figure out which were at the top of my list, but after testing them out, I could find differences in each of them. I hope my video helped you decide what you will use to listen to your favorite music. Thank you!

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