Best Fast Food Chicken Nuggets/Strips/Etc.

This review will compare different forms of handheld chicken products from fast food restaurants. This includes chicken nuggets, chicken strips, and popcorn chicken. In order to avoid covering up flavorlessness with dipping sauce, all products were consumed plain.

For this review I used a set of three criteria which includes the following: Crispiness of the outer layer (breading), Firmness of the inner layer (chicken), and overall flavor. While price points will be discussed, this did not factor into the rankings of the products.

My number one product is the Sonic Jumbo Popcorn Chicken. This little bite of joy possessed a very good ratio of crunchy exterior to firm, chewy interior. More than anything, the popcorn chicken contained flavor. It actually tasted like chicken, which unsurprisingly is a huge plus. At around $2.75 for a small order, it is well worth the money.

My second ranked product is the Chick-Fil-A chicken nugget. This is a close second because it also had a firm interior, but this nugget had a lighter coating than the popcorn chicken. While the lighter coating worked well in bringing out the iconic chicken taste that one would expect from Chick-Fil-A, it was not enough to crack the top spot. A little over $3 for an 8-piece is a pretty reasonable price for this well-made nugget.

My third ranked product is the McDonald’s Chicken Nugget. The nugget proved to be crispy on the outside, but the inside was a little less firm and meaty than products listed above it on the list. Overall, the iconic flavor of the McNugget was pretty good and tasted like chicken. At almost $2 for a 4-piece, these nuggets do seem a bit overpriced.

Fourth on my list is the Hardee’s (Or Carl’s Jr.) Chicken Tender. This product scored well on the crispiness test and held its own in the consistency of the meat. While the product also tasted alright, it left a feeling of greasiness in my stomach that I couldn’t ignore. A 3-piece ran me for $4, but for chicken strips that price seems pretty reasonable.

The product I have placed fifth on my rankings is the Wendy’s chicken nugget. The outside was only slightly crispy, and the inside was far more disappointing. It was almost rubbery. The overall taste was sort of bland, and there wasn’t much of a chicken flavor. At only a dollar for a 4-piece, you definitely get what you pay for with these nuggets.

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