Best Queso Review!

Often people talk about their own personal comfort foods. Foods that they gravitate to when they just want to relax. These foods can range from chips to cookies to ice cream. For me, queso cheese dip is a comfort food. Recently I have been eating nearly two jars of the stuff a week. This lead me to the idea of trying to find out what is the best kind of queso.

I will be judging each brand of queso on three criteria. First texture and consistency, is the dip to fluid so you risk dropping some of it on yourself. Alliteratively does it feel like you’re eating jello. The Second is flavor, what is the general taste of the dip. The final criteria are the heat of the dip. Is the queso so hot that you don’t want to touch it, or is it without even a hint of heat?

  • The first queso I will be reviewing is the great value brand. This brand of queso has a very liquid consistency, it’s not congealed whatsoever. As to the flavor its surprisingly tasteless and it is primarily cheese sauce. However, it does have just a hint of heat as an aftertaste.
  • The second queso I will be trying is the Tostitos Medium Queso. This queso is considerably more congealed, however still fluid enough that you can easily get the dip onto the chip. The favor it a good mix of the cheese base and certain peppers make it pop. It also has a nice spice added to it, enough to emphasize the flavor.
  • The third queso I will be trying is the On The Border Monterey Jack Queso. This queso is slightly more congealed then the Tostitos Medium Queso, but only slightly. The flavor emphasizes the cheese flavor in a way I think is slightly overwhelming, the peppers have less kick to them the Tostitos Medium
  • The fourth queso I will be trying is the Pace Queso Blanco. This queso is easily the most liquid of the dips I have tried. I would be careful when consuming as to not drop any of this dip on the floor or on yourself. The queso has a tangy flavor as well as a considerable amount of heat.
  • The fifth and final queso I will be trying is the Red Cactus White Cheese sauce. It is worth mentioning that this is also gluten free cheese dip. This consistence is very similar to the Tostitos or On The Boarder. As to the flavor, it had rather flavorless generic cheese taste with a unpleasant after taste.

Between these five choices I found the Tostitos, the Pace Brand Queso Blanco, and the On The Border Monterey Jack Queso to be my favorites. They were at the top of my list based on both the favor as well as the spiciness of the dip. If I had to choose between them I found the Tostitos to be more flavorful while still delivering on the spice, so it would be my top pick. Lower down on my list would be the Great Value Brand. This dip didn’t pack enough flavor and had too strong a cheese flavor without compensating peppers or spice. Last on the list is the Red Cactus Cheese Dip. While I do understand that this is a gluten free dip and therefore is likely marketed to those who need to consume gluten free foods doesn’t change the fact that this was by far the worst on the list.

I hope that this review has been helpful for all those queso lovers out there. It’s something that I’ve found value in and I hope I’ve done a good job sharing what I have learned. If you feel the need to contact me at

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