Bottle Water Review

All humans need water to survive. The way we get our daily water intake varies with personal preference. There are some people who prefer drinking juices, sodas, teas, and coffees. I prefer drinking pure water. Drinking water eliminates unneeded calories, sugars, and other harmful ingredients. I reviewed various brands of bottled water and in this review I focused on the taste, the label, and prices.

I analyzed seventeen different brands of bottled water. These brands included: V.O.S.S., Evian, Fiji, Core Hydration, 9.5 Ph Big Chill, Big Chill, Resource, Life WTR, Iceland Lave, Smart Water, Essentia, Aquafina, Ice Canyon, Nestle Pure Life, Dasani, Niagara, and Ice Mountain. I divided these waters into two different groups; the electrolytes and the non-electrolytes.

There were six waters in the non-electrolyte water group. These water brands included: Ice Canyon, Ice Mountain, Niagara, Dasani, Nestle Pure Life, and Aquafina. The taste of Ice Canyon was smooth. It is spring water, and the price of the product was $0.99 (all listed products were purchased at either Thorntons gas station, Chuckles gas station, or CVS). This water does have an expiration date of September 2019 (all listed water bottles in this review were purchased on January 26th 2018). The label has a website you can visit to view the brands product, It also has a money back guarantee.

The Ice Mountain water is smooth. It is advertised as 100% natural spring water, and can be purchased at any gas station and CVS store for roughly $.89. This water does not have an expiration date on it. The label is visually detailed with ice covered mountains. It has a website for the customers to visit,

Niagara is a purified drinking water and can be purchased at Chuckles for $.87. The label advertises that it is produced by of a USA family owned business. It is BPA free, 100% recyclable, and expired May 2019. The water is filtered by reverse osmosis. The label also advertises their Facebook page, and website:

Dasani water is purified. It can be purchased at any of the three locations for roughly $1.87. The label has added minerals listed but does not state the amount of each mineral in the product. This water is filtered by reverse osmosis. The label advertises their website, It also stated, “not carbonated”. Yet, the product fizzes when opened. This product does contain an ingredient that no other water has listed, salt.

Nestle Pure Life is one of my top four favorite waters out of the seventeen. The label simple. It cost $1.17 and is filtered by either distillation or reverse osmosis. The label advertises their website, The water is collected from deep protected wells located in Stanwood MI. There are minerals in the water but the label does not state how much is in the product.

Aquafina is the last purified water observed that doesn’t have any electrolytes. It is filtered through reverse osmosis and has an expiration date of November 2019. The label has a website, This water fizzes when opened yet, has no sodium.

There are eleven electrolyte waters that were reviewed. These waters included: V.O.S.S, Big Chill, 9.5 pH Big Chill, Core Hydration, Resource, Smartwater, Essentia, Life WTR, Iceland Lava, Evian, and Fiji. The three waters that I enjoyed the most were Fiji, Evian, and Essentia.

Fiji water is from the island of Fiji. It is a Natural Artesian Water. The label states an attention grabbing description. There are minerals and electrolytes in the product and it states how much.  It states, “The distinctive taste of Fiji water is years in the making. That’s how long it takes tropical rainfall to filter through ancient volcanic rock and naturally acquire the silica that gives Fiji its signature soft, smooth taste. Sourced from a sustainable underground aquifer, it’s untouched by man. Until you unscrew the cap.” This water can be purchased at any either of the two gas stations and is usually buy one get one at a discounted price.

Evian is another one of my top rated waters. It says, “Naturally enriched with every step of its 15 year journey, Evian brings the best of the French Alps to the US Open. The label advertises the US Open, the Snapchat code, and This water is smooth tasting, I enjoy it. There are minerals and electrolytes in the product and it states how much.

In Conclusion to my review, there were four bottles of waters that I enjoyed the most. These four out of the seventeen bottles of water were: Fiji, Evian, Essentia, and Pure Life. The smoothness of the water will keep me coming back for more.

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