Creative Careers Photo Contest

Dear Everyone, 

Welcome to the Creative Careers Photo Contest! Being in college can be stressful, but the outcome will be worth it! We want to see what everyone is striving to be for a career.

 -For this contest, take a photo of yourself in your future career setting. For example, if you are going to be a nurse, take a photo of you pretending to operate on a friend. If you are not in college and already in your career path, share a photo of what you do, but remember YOU must be in the photo! You can even write below the photo to give it a funny or inventive caption! The more creative, the better!

-To be able to post your photo, you will need to be a member of, so if you are not sign up now! Follow this link to register:

 To submit your entry, go to the bottom where there will be a submission box.

-To win, you will need to have the most votes. On your photo, there will be an arrow facing up and one facing down. The arrow facing up= positive vote. You have to have the most positive votes to win!

-A tip to success- share the contest link on other social media sites and inform people to go vote for you. Also, don’t forget to make your family go vote for you!

-Submissions and voting can begin on February 18th. The faster you submit, the longer time you have to get votes! The last day of the contest will be April 24th.

-Winner receives a $20 Amazon gift card!!

Good luck Everyone!

This list is closed for submission.

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