Dog Food Review

Kenneth Taylor

Trying to make the best decision when purchasing dog food can feel like an overwhelming task due to the endless choices that are presented to you.  But it is much easier to narrow down your search if you have certain standards that you look for that determine if you will purchase that food or not.  I personally look for: a decent fat to protein ratio, no controversial chemical preservatives or artificial coloring, no generic animal meat or fat, enough meat-based protein, and the most important, to be grain free.  Because recent studies have shown that high grain content is a primary contributor to the growing obesity and allergy problem in pets.  Going by theses standards I have found three types of dog food that I would strongly recommend purchasing.

The first is Acana Regionals Dog food.  This is a no grain, meat centered dry dog food that will give your dog plenty of protein through its abundance of named meats and meat meals.  Some of which are: lamb meal (which actually has three hundred percent more protein than regular lamb), beef meal, pork meal, free range poultry and eggs, beef liver, and beef fat.  All of which are heritage red meats.  It also has a decent amount of whole fruits and vegetables.  Along with a mixture of quality plant ingredients such as peas, pinto beans, chick peas,and yellow peas, all of which increase the levels of protein.  There is also an ingredient that is unusual for dog food that also really sells me on this brand, and that is chicory root.  Which is rich in inulin, it is a prebiotic that’s used to promote the development of healthy bacteria for the dog’s digestion.  The total ingredients of this food add up to a dry matter protein level of 38%, fat level of 19%,carbohydrate level of 35%, and a fat to protein ratio of 52%.  This results in a food that is below average in fat and carbohydrates, and above average in protein.

Second place goes to the Taste of the Wild Canned dog food. This is a no grain, meat focused canned dog food that has a significant amount of named meat sources.  Such as, lamb, beef, and beef liver, all of which are rich in amino acids.  It also has dried egg products, which are easy to digest and have the highest possible biological value.  It also gets extra protein from its source of peas, and chickpea flour.  With all of the ingredients from this food it comes out to be a protein level of 44%, fat level of 17%, carbohydrate level of 31%, and the fat to protein ratio being44%.  This results in a food that is below average in fat, average in carbohydrates, and above average in protein.

In third place would be Taste of the Wild dry dog food.  This is a plant based food that uses a moderate amount of named meets like beef, lamb, and chicken meal.  It also uses peas, which are a quality source of carbohydrates and protein.  Along with garbanzo beans and potatoes.  But unfortunately this food also has canola oil, which is a con because its made from genetically modified rapeseeds.  Another con is that one of the ingredients is ocean fish meal.  Since some fish have higher omega three fats, its impossible to know the true quality of the product.

The reason that Acana dog food came in the number one spot was simply because it offered a healthy and natural protein rich diet.   I think it would be nearly impossible to find another dog food with ingredients that match Acana’s quality.  I hope this has been informative and will help you next time you are shopping for your dog.

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