Fall Picture Contest 2017

Dear Everybody,

Its Wins here with a new contest, a picture contest to be specific.

With the fall season coming so fast and leaves already by our feet what better way to capture the season than by taking a picture.

With this month’s contest we encorage all participants to take as many pictures as one possibly can, and then when everything is said and done pick your favorite one and throw it in the contest for your chance at winning!

-For this contest you will need to be a member of wins.io so if you are not one, go sign up now! Follow this link to register(you may not see it but its there, the theme on our webpage is playing weird): http://wins.io/wp-login.php?action=register

-For submitting your entry go to the bottom where there will be a submission box.

-For a chance at winning you will need votes, to do that, there will be a arrow box next to each picture. One facing up and one facing down. To get yours to win, you will need that facing up button to be pressed to get a positive vote.

–Also a hint to winning the contest. If you share the contest on other social media platforms and let your friends know which picture is yours. You could get more votes and have a better shot at winning!

1st place winner: $20 amazon gift card

2nd place winner: $10 amazon gift card

Good Luck Everyone!

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