Fast Food French Fries Review

When asked to do a product review on something that would be helpful to other I chose to review fries at five fast food places. I thought this would be useful for when someone is craving fries with their meal they can watch the video to see what they want exactly. Fast food places strive to be different in their own way whether it’s with a special burger or fries. I will do my best in helping you chose the best fast food fry.

The methodology I used for this review is simple. First, I went out to each fast food place, McDonalds, Arby’s, Wendy’s, Chick-fil-a, and GD Ritzy’s. I purchased a small fry from each store and sat down to eat them right away as I took notes about each of them. I was taking notes like the appearance, how it tastes, sodium level, and which was my favorite. I then looked up how many calories each fry was for the people watching their figure.

The first fry is from McDonalds. They have always been known for their fries and is a fan favorite. The fries came out hot and fresh, ready to eat. The medium thickness of the fries makes them perfect. The sodium level is a seven out of a ten meaning they are salty. McDonalds fries contain of two hundred and thirty calories, which is the lowest of the five.

The second fry is from Wendy’s. These are the thickest and the saltiest fry on the list. Their fries are hand-cut which means they are never frozen. Also, they use sea salt instead of regular salt which makes the sodium level closer to a nine or ten. Wendy’s fries contain of three hundred and forty calories for the second lowest of the five.

The third fry is from GD Ritzy’s. They are known for the thinnest or smallest fries. They are nice and put the salt in the bag so you can salt them yourself if needed. You can a greasy handful of six or seven fries at a time which makes it nice. GD Ritzy’s fries contain three hundred and ninety calories for the second highest of the five.

The forth fry is from Chic-fil-a. Chick-fil-a is known for their waffle fries which everyone loves. Each fry is bigger than the average. The sodium level is about a four or a five, they aren’t too salty of fries. Also, they only come in one size and it’s more like a medium than asmall. Chick-fil-a fries contain three hundred and sixty calories making it the third highest.

The last fry is from Arby’s. Arby’s has two different types of fries but if you go there you must get the curly fries. They give you the crunch that you want when eating fries. They are decently greasy, but the taste makes up for it. The sodium level is around a 4 or 5. These are my personal favorite because there are different. Arby’s fries contain four hundred calories making it the highest of the five.

In conclusion, I hope reading this helped you make your mind up about what kind of fries you are craving. Be sure to branch out and try new things if you haven’t. You never know what fry might become your next favorite.

If you have another one that didn’t make it on the list, let me know or if you have a fresh french fries recipe you think should be on here leave it in the comments down below.

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