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Dumb Tweets of 2017

We all have our blonde moments but I would think twice before you post something on the world wide web. Here are just a few of many dumb tweets.


Top 10 Animal GIFS

Below are the top 10 animal GIFS that will make anyone laugh!


11 Best Drugstore Highlighters

Here is a list of the top 11 products to give your skin a radiant glow for an affordable price. All of these highlighters can be found at the drugstore.


11 Best Places in the World to Visit

Looking for new vacation ideas? Wanting to travel the world? These places will blow you away with their beauty, and will have you immediately packing your suitcases! The 11 Best Places in the World to Visit are listed below.


11 Best Cupcake Tutorials on Pinterest

Cupcakes are always the best type of dessert to bring to a party. The following cupcake tutorials are unique and different. Some take more work than others while some are simple. Below are 11 of the best cupcake tutorials on Pinterest. Warning: These pictures will make your mouth start to water


Top 11 Hair Straighteners

Every woman has cursed her hair at some point in her life. This is where a straightener comes in handy. Straighteners are not just used for straightening but also for curling as well.  Straighteners are the modern day MUST HAVE accessory for women There are many types of hair and for that we women, need the best straightener to suit our hair. We need one that makes our hair slick and straight, not frizzy. Below are the top 11 hair straighteners to help you find your perfect match.


Top 11 Best Foundations From the Drugstore

Most woman use makeup to enhance their natural beauty and to make themselves feel beautiful. With all of the high end brands out there that cost a fortune, it can be difficult to not break the bank trying to achieve that beauty. Below are 11 of the best foundations that you can find at the drugstore for a very reasonable price.


Top 11 Best Mascara Brands

Women use mascara everyday and are very picky about their mascara brands. We buy mascara based on color, the size of the wand, and also whether or not it gives you clumpy lashes. We want smooth and long looking lashes always, because nobody likes clumpy mascara. Below are the Top 11 Best Mascara Brands to help you find your perfect match.


Top 11 Beauty Fails

We've all been there. Every women has her own beauty horror story to tell, whether it be a failed DIY face mask or your fake eye lashes getting glued to your eye. Below are the 11 Top Beauty Fails on Youtube. Feel free to add any other beauty fails we missed!