Nail Polish Review

My personal favorite, out of the nail polishes I reviewed, was Revlon’s nail polish. The packaging is classic, it has a thick brush, and the nail polish itself went on smoothly despite the actual nail polishes consistency. My only complaint about Revlon’s nail polish is that it felt heavy on my nail, I felt it drying and I felt the weight on my nail for the rest of the time the nail polish remained on. Revlon’s nail polish dried quick for having such a thick consistency. It only needed one to two coats in order to look almost professionally done, that is depending on how well you do at painting your own nails.

The second-best nail polish, in my opinion, was Sally Hansons Miracle Gel. The packaging was very basic and sort of hard to read but the design within itself had a thick brush and it held quite a bit of nail polish within the bottle. With the thickness of the brush my nail only required about two strokes in order to completely cover the nail. The consistency of the actual nail polish itself was very thick because of it being an actual gel substance. The nail polish went onto my nail very smooth and thick. The only downside was that the nail color was diluted, being that the consistency and gel-like substance it took well over 10 minutes to dry, therefore it needed about two to three coats in order to look decent. My favorite part about the Sally Hansons Miracle Gel was that it lasted over 3 days with no chips or anything, it lasts awhile on the nail for everyday life activities. The only down part of this nail polish is the application process.

My third favorite nail polish ended up being the O.P.I. salon brand nail polish. I love the packaging, it’s very classic and I love how big the bottles are.  The brush for the nail polish is quite thin, thin enough to maybe make a think design with on the nail. It took about 3 strokes to evenly distribute the nail polish on my nail. It wasn’t splotchy after the nail was covered, it was streaky, meaning that you could see where the strokes were that I made. The color itself was transparent almost and very diluted looking, therefore it took several coats for the nail polish too look smooth and the color distinguished. The Brightside of this nail polish is that the colors and finished product is very beautiful, and each coat takes little time to dry. I would recommend this nail polish to someone who is very good and experienced with painting nails.

I had also tried Sally Hansons Xtreme Wear, I loved the application process, though it went on thinly yet smoothly, it dried very fast and looked great. The packaging was not my favorite, it looked cheap and defective. The main downside of this nail polish is that it chipped that very same day, only hours later after application. I wouldn’t recommend for everyday wear, but maybe for a quick night out or event to help complete your look.

Pop-arazzi also had a nail polish I had worn but didn’t wear for long because it chipped horribly. The application process was horrible. It either went on too thick or too thin, making a very spotchy mess on my nails. After I had removed the polish it had also stained my nails. I wouldn’t recommend this product.

All together I would recommend Revlon’s nail polish, Sally Hansons Miracle Gel, and O.P.I. to others. Revlon’s product was made for an easy application and to look like the user had visited a nail salon that morning. Sally Hansons Miracle Gel is perfect for everyday wear, and O.P.I. is beautiful for any nail for any event.

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