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Dual action polishers are the most crucial tool in the automotive industry today. Although, buying a new dual action polisher can prove to be a headache. Sorting through pages and pages of different brands, names, prices, and information may even be deterring. I will describe what a polisher does and review three different polisher products; the Rupes LHR15ii, the Harbor Freight dual action polisher, and the TorqX polisher.

In order to understand what a polisher is, we must first understand what polishing is. When fine scratches build up on a vehicles clear-coat, the top layer of paint, you must use polish(s) to remove them. Although this can be done by hand, the efficiency lost when doing so makes buying a polisher worth it. Prior to dual action polishers coming out, rotary buffers were the only polishers on the market. Rotary buffers, however, make it very difficult to polish a cars paint without leaving buffer trails. Dual action polishers changed that since they are much easier and safer to use.

Number one on my list, and about every professional detailer’s list, is the Rupes LHR15ii. This polisher comes in at a whopping $420.00. Rupes is known for being the Ferrari of dual action polishers within the industry. The Rupes LHR15ii was designed with one thing in mind, paint corrections. It is an incredibly well-balanced polisher allowing you to polish for hours on end without the slightest hint of polisher fatigue. It is also a very efficient machine, being a long throw dual action polisher allowing you to finish paint exceptionally quickly and well. Buying this machine just to apply wax would be complete overkill because wax does not need that much power to be applied. For the following reasons, this polisher takes the first-place trophy home.

In second place is the Harbor Freight made, Chicago Electric dual action polisher. This polisher is only $69.99 which is remarkably cheap in comparison to the Rupes. At $69.99, this polisher is a great entry level polisher and might be the cheapest on the market. It is in just about every detailers arsenal due to its price and versatility. This can even be used on interiors when equipped with the brush attachment. I personally use this for spreading waxes because I do not wish to put unnecessary hours on my Rupes. As far as polishing goes, you can definitely get faster and better result with the Rupes but it will still get the job done. The Rupes is much better balanced than this polisher as well. This tool is also very reliable, I’ve put uncountable hours onto this polisher and not had any issues with it. This polishers price, versatility, and dependability have put it in second place.

In third place is the TorqX polisher. The TorqX polisher sells for $129.99 and is very similar to the polisher manufactured by Harbor Freight. So why spend the extra money on this polisher when the Harbor Freight polisher is nearly half the price? The TorqX is more well balanced which gears it more towards paint corrections. This tool is not very dependable, though, as mine broke within two weeks of use, not due to user error. Due to the TorqX’s issue with reliability, it comes in last place.

As polishers are crucial to the detailing industry, it is very important to have a thorough understanding of the polisher market. Having the best polisher on the market is not necessary to detail. A very important Aspect of polishers is dependability. Once your skills surpass your current polisher, it may be tim to invest in a Rupes as it will make you much more efficient.

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