Ranking of the Bestselling Bluetooth Car Stereo Receivers

https://youtu.be/0d6PhKjhAAI     In the video above, I conducted a review for the bestselling Bluetooth car stereo receivers. I have always been a huge advocate of quality sound, and I believe a stereo receiver (often called a head unit) to play a role in sound. There is a market for these, as standard receivers in vehicles often do not uphold the standards to those of us who want a bit more from our music or podcasts (and in some cases, DVD’s). Additionally, and not mentioned in the review, the aftermarket head units allow a subwoofer to be added. A subwoofer is responsible for the bumping noise you may hear from people like me while waiting at a stoplight. Though my initial intrigue of stereo receivers was for the subwoofer, the industry continues to improve and innovate. My first head unit was as generic as it gets; however, as you will read below, there are quite a few capabilities available in the present day. I ranked the Bluetooth car stereo receivers on aspects such as the following: its look, whether it has DVD capability, whether it has steering wheel control capabilities, if it can play satellite radio, and whether it has voice control capabilities. I believe these to be luxury options, as I began with none of them. Also, a few of them encourage drivers to keep their eyes on the road, which I find to be important. The DVD and satellite radio options are purely entertainment based. Though no one should watch DVD’s while driving, it may come in handy if you were to be waiting to pick up your child from practice (or if you get a flat tire in the middle of nowhere). My ranking of the stereo receivers from best to worst is as follows:

  • JVC KW-V230BT ($179.99)
  • Kenwood DDX374BT ($199.99)
  • Pioneer AVH-201EX ($199.99)
  • Pioneer DEH-S4010BT ($89.99)
  • Kenwood KMM-BT318U ($89.99)
  • Pioneer DEH-S6010BS ($119.99)
  • Pioneer FH-S501BT ($109.99)
  • Kenwood DPX502BT ($109.99)

These are a few of the bestselling receivers located at Best Buy. To see why I ranked them this way, click the link to my video review located above! If you are looking for a Bluetooth car stereo receiver, please consider my advice. I have been following the market for the past five years, so I have a good understanding about what is considered “good” or what may fit your needs. I hope my video was informative, and if you have any questions, check out the reviews on Best Buy’s website or feel free to comment. Enjoy!

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