Running Shoe Review

The Brooks Glycerin 15 is a shoe that can be used for your everyday running day after day and will never get tired of using it. While it is sock liner molds to your foot because of the foam insole they use it will truly feel as the shoe fits to you personally and no one else. The shoe is a heavier 10.3 ounces but what brooks has done so well to balance out the weight of the shoe to where you feel like you barely have anything on. It also features a returning 10mm drop that still gives you that normal running shoe feel. A One down side on this shoe would be doing more up-tempo work, as I have noticed that it doesn’t have that fast spring that you want to get up and go for track work. However, the Glycerin is a powerful shoe that can pack on the miles everyday.

Next, Is the Asics Cumulus 19 it is a shoe that can also be an everyday shoe for running. The shoe it a little different from others; it tends to be a little on the small side and a little more narrow. The cushion of the shoe is very nice and offers well support to your foot. The top mesh is a little more durable since it is a little thicker than most running shoes. The heel of the comes more to a V to try and secure the back of the foot more into the shoe, I have found that it can cause some pinching to the achilles if you’re not used to that however I think it is a good way to have that if you are to like that. The shoe is on the heavier side of 11.1 ounces and has a 10mm drop The Cumulus still preforms very well for an everyday shoe but has a lot of differences than what I look for in my trainers.

Next, I have the Adidas Boston, which is not your everyday training shoe. I thought this was a good shoe to review since people like that light fast shoe on their foot. The Boston has a small amount of cushion because of the little weight it carries on it being 8.8 ounces. The shoe has a 10mm drop to it, which again is very common. The upper mesh is going to fit like a sock and have a very snappy feel to it while training in it. Like said before it is not your everyday trainer, people can get by with it but for the little cushion it offers than other shoes it is known more of a racing shoe. The Boston also runs a tad narrow but still runs on the normal size. The Boston is a very comfortable shoe and I like it better than the Asics Cumulus but not a shoe I would use on a daily basis.

Next, I will talk about the Mizuno Wave Rider 21. This shoe is a little different from the others I have reviewed so far. It is your basic everyday trainer, coming in at 10.8 ounces and has a 12mm drop to it. The Wave Rider offers a foam cushion that some companies are switching to because it does offer the shoe to become lighter or able to add more cushion to it without making it heavier. The Wave Rider offers a wave plate that in the heal that no other company does which acts as a secondary cushion for when you hit the ground it will flex and absorb the impact better. The Wave Rider is a great shoe to pack on the miles and use for a daily trainer.

Lastly, I have the Saucony Ride; this shoe is amongst the others that are a foam cushion. The Ride comes in at a 9.8-ounce shoe and has a 8mm drop to it. I find that the shoe is a little shallower than some shoes and that is really the biggest complaint I have of it. The shoe is also a little more narrow in the front but offers a well balanced flow to it for an everyday usage shoe even on some up-tempo work you wont feel like you’re trying to drag it along. The Saucony Ride is a great everyday light shoe.

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