Skate shoe review

Before buying that new skateboard deck, make sure you got the right shoes!


When skating your shoes will affect your overall experience. This could be in a negative way or a positive way. This is why people stick to a certain brand or shoe in general. This review will go over various types on shoes I’ve used and their ranking in my experience. Since skaters use various different types of shoes over the course of their career some of these might not be strictly for skating. In the review there will be five products three of those are good examples and the rest are bad examples. So rather than being a best skate shoes ever review this will be more focused on three good examples followed by two bad ones. The way these are ranked is on three criteria: board feel, durability, and impact. These three aspects are how I would rank skate shoes. Board feel is how well you can determine where your foot is without looking and how you would be able to maneuver your feet. Durability is simple how long would the shoe last. Finally, impact is how easy would the shoe get you injured on certain impact scenarios.

The first shoe to be reviewed in the good category is the ES Swift. This pair is my personal favorite the design is made for skating and nothing else. Starting off with board feel the ES are great in this category. They allow you to be very comfortable on your board. Never did I have problems with these catching on the board or just not knowing where my foot was. Durability is also great for this shoe ES did everything they could to keep these light but also strong. They have a transparent film on the start of the toe that allows grip and padding for tricks. Impact is also amazing it feels like your riding on air at times and some much of the impact is taken care of. Another shoe is the Globe Los Angered.

These shoes are expensive but for good reason. The shoe is mostly leather which makes for a very good style. Since Globe is an older skate company they know how to make a shoe. The board feel is great it’s good as the ES are about it. The durability is great too but since they are leather some people might be scared to use them for skating. Impact is decent if you were to replace the insole it could make for a greater shoe. Next shoe is the Polos. Surprisingly they aren’t that bad for skating. Board feel is great almost perfect because the lack of almost any proper padding. Durability is not very good the bottom of the shoe starts to rub away into holes and such. Impact is the worst for this shoe I personally have been injured while wearing them and decided to quit wearing them completely. Now it’s time for the bad examples.

First bad example is my pair of New Balances. A common walking shoe that is terrible for skating would be my opinion on these. They have no board feel absolutely none. You can’t feel anything with them on. These are very durable though and would last almost forever if you could skate them properly. Impact is another strength with these. Since New Balance is made for long walks or even runs on concrete they have amazing impact support. They feel like boots mostly. Last pair of shoes are some Sperry topsiders. People like to say these shoes are great for anything, but I would have to disagree. They are very bad for skating starting out with decent board feel. These shoes have a good bit of padding for comfort so you don’t feel too much while wearing them. Durability though is their biggest weakness they don’t last long because of the design. They have exposed stitching that can be broken allowing the shoe to come apart.

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