Crown for Christmas (1/10)

You can spot a quality Hallmark Christmas movie within 30 seconds of the opening credits: Do you hear a holiday ditty you actually recognize? Is there a snowy shot of a small town with an impossibly precious name? Have you seen the lead in one of these before? Yep, you’re in for a good 86 minutes. Crown for Christmas stars Hallmark screen queen Danica McKellar (Wonder Years) as Allie, a hotel maid who gets sacked from her job at a snooty NYC hotel. Allie, who has been supporting her siblings since their parents passed, can’t afford such setbacks. So, when she’s offered a gig as the governess to the difficult daughter of the King of Winshire, she cautiously crosses the pond. If you’re looking to swept away into a fairytale that feels slightly less formulaic than the other romances on the list, Crown for Christmas doesn’t disappoint.

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