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Social Review: Ground Coffee

I chose to review my top three choice ground coffee brands. Starbucks Breakfast Blend, Dunkin Donuts French Roast, and Maxwell House 100% Colombian Roast were the brands that made the cut! In my video I rank each product on a scale of one through five, on four different properties: product packaging, product cost, aroma, and taste. I used the same amount of coffee to water ratio for each pot of coffee I brewed, and I avoided adding any sugars or cream to the cups I was tasting. Each cup was freshly brewed in a Toastmaster Coffee Maker.

I began my review with the Starbucks Breakfast Blend. For product packaging I ranked this blend at a 4.5, because the packaging was simple, eye-pleasing, and easily storable. For product cost, I gave this blend a 4. The cost of this blend was eight to nine dollars, and package has 12 ounces of ground coffee. Because 12 ounces of ground coffee can typically make at least 30 small cups of coffee, I felt it was better deal seeing as I typically spend five dollars per drink at an actual Starbucks café. For aroma, I gave this blend a 4 as well, because the aroma was balanced in the sense that it didn’t smell too overbearing or too weak. For taste I gave this blend a 4, because the taste was balanced as well. This blend did not taste too bitter for a black coffee.

I then proceeded my review of the Starbucks Breakfast Blend, with the Dunkin’ Donuts French Roast ground coffee. I ranked this blend a 4.5 for product packaging, because it was similar to the starbucks blend. The packaging was bright orange and easily caught my attention as a consumer, and it is also easily storable. For product cost, I gave a 4 as well. The Dunkin Donuts French Roast blend costed around six to seven dollars at my local Dollar General, and it had only one ounce less than the Starbucks Breakfast Blend. As for aroma, I gave this blend a three on a scale of one through five, because to me this coffee smells what I call “dirty”, when brewed. It’s a strong smelling coffee, but it’s almost as if you cannot smell the flavor, which sometimes appeals more to me than taste. For taste, I gave this blend a 3, because the taste was bitter and strong. I choose this brand as my second top brand, even though the taste and aroma rank pretty low, because it is fairly inexpensive and with added cream the taste is compromised, but in a positive way.

I ended my review with the Maxwell House 100% Colombian Roast, because this is my third top choice of ground coffee. I ranked the product packaging as a two, because the packaging is boring and cannot easily be stored due to it’s bulk size (24.5 ounces). I ranked the product cost as a four. This product costed around six to seven dollars, but you are getting an enormous amount of product. I ranked the aroma a four, because the smell was balanced and not overbearing, and I ranked the taste a four as well, because the taste was not too bitter.

This concludes my review on my top three choices for ground coffee brands. I ranked Starbucks Breakfast Blend as my number one choice, Dunkin Donuts French Roast as my second choice, and Maxwell House 100% Colombian Roast as my third.

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