Specialty Fast Food Sauces

There are many sauces in this world from ketchup to mustard or buffalo sauce to ranch.  Fast food establishments across the world offer many different flavors of sauces that could be used to dip your food into.  Some fast food establishments even offer types of sauce that only their restaurant chain have availability to offer.  These types of sauces are what is known as specialty sauces.  I will be reviewing 5 different types of specialty sauce and providing you with what I believe to be the first and second-best sauces of the group.

My methodology to deciding what the best of the five sauces I have chosen is very simple.  First, I will look at the packaging and describe what it looks like, and if it is appealing to the eye. For many consumers, this could play a big factor in the initial decision of what sauce they want with their food.  The second factor we I will be discussing how the sauce looks, because we all know that if something looks weird or unusual, it may drive consumers away before they even get to try the product.  Finally, the most important aspect in my opinion, the taste of the sauce.

To begin our review the first sauce I will talk about is McDonald’s Signature Sauce.  It comes is a white sauce container with a hot pink peel away label.  The color is very appealing, but the ingredient list is hard to read due to this color and the light grey color of font that is used.  The look of this sauce isn’t too great.  It is a darker orange with black specs in it. It really wouldn’t be so bad in my opinion if it was maybe just a brighter orange.  The taste of this sauce wasn’t that great either to be fair.  This sauce has a pickle like taste, but it is a little less strong than a pickle.  It also leaves a foul after taste in your mouth.

Next I will be discussing KFC’s Finger Lickin’ Good Sauce.  This sauce comes in a white container, with a peel away white label and a red border around the edges.  You can easily see where the ingredients are on this label, but it is an extremely small font that is being used.  The look of this overall not too great, but also not too bad.  The sauce is a light tan with black specs in it.  The taste of this sauce however is not to shabby.  It is a sweeter sauce with a little bit of a spice to it.  Overall a decent tasting sauce.

The next sauce on the list is Wendy’s Side of S’awesome.  This sauce comes in clear packaging with a peel away label that is white and has the Wendy’s logo.  The ingredient list is easy to see but the font is rather small.  This sauce is a bright orange with black specs.  The taste of this sauce is pretty good in my opinion.  It is a barbeque like sauce with a hint of something that makes it a very sweet less tangy barbeque sauce.  Overall, this is a very high-end sauce.

Next, we will be discussing Chick-fil-a’s Chick-fil-a Sauce.  This sauce comes with a clear packaging and a white peel away label with bright red lettering.  The label is very easy to read, and you can easily read what ingredients are being used in the sauce.  The look of this sauce is a bright yellow.  The taste of this sauce resembles a very sweet honey mustard, with a hint of a rather tangy barbeque sauce.  Leaves a very good sweet taste in your mouth.

The last sauce I will be reviewing is Arby’s Bronco Berry Sauce.  This sauce comes with a clear packaging and a white peel away label with red lettering.  The ingredient list is easy to see and can be easily read with the black font.  The sauce itself is a see through red, with what looks to small pieces of peppers in them.  This sauce tastes extremely sweet almost like a jelly but has a small spicy kick to it.  It leaves a sweet heat taste in your mouth.

After reviewing all these sauces, it was hard to decide what sauce I would say would be the best to dip food into. I would say the runner-up would have to be Wendy’s Side of S’awesome. But, the best overall sauce, based on looks of the sauce, packaging, and taste, has to be the Chick-fil-a Sauce.  The reason for this is, this sauce is the best looking with an easy to read label and has the best overall taste.

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