Sport Drinks Review

Athletes are constantly on the move. Whether their sport is football, soccer, basketball, tennis, or swimming, they are always moving. They require a great amount of energy to keep going. Some of them choose to gather their energy from water. Others may choose to fuel themselves with sport drinks. It is of great value to review which sport drinks will give the healthiest energy resource to the athlete and still provide a good taste.

The method chosen for this review’s ranking is based off of three aspects: appearance, taste, healthiness. Appearance is important, because it is what draws the consumer in. Taste is always important. If it does not taste good, no one will want it. Healthiness is essential for athletes. If it is doing damage to their body, it will show in their performance. Although sodium can be an energy source, especially during an intense exercise that is causing one to sweat heavily, too much of it can cause the stomach to settle uneasily and the athlete could gain weight instead of losing or maintaining it.

From first to last, the following rank was created: Body Armor, Gatorade, Powerade, All Sport, Sqwincher, Accelerade, Cytomax, and Pocari Sweat. This ranking is based solely off of the three aspects explained above. Healthiness played the biggest role in the deciding factor. This is due to the fact that athletes’ bodies need to be in great shape and health. All Sport, Sqwincher, Accelerade, and Cytomax all had sugar or sodium content that was unhealthily high. Personally, Pocari Sweat came in last, because it has a terrible taste. The top three all have great flavors and replenish your system.  Although Powerade has a sugary taste to it, it is still a healthier option than the last five. Gatorade is close in sugar and sodium content with Powerade, but I believe it settles better on the stomach. Body Armor easily earned its spot as number one.

This review has shown that Body Armor is the best sports drink for a healthy and tasteful energy resource. Body Armor’s nutritional facts were very impressive. It has a very low sugar content and high potassium content. Potassium is a great energy resource. All of Body Armor’s drinks are made with natural sweeteners and flavors unlike any other sport drink. In my opinion, Body Armor is the best choice for any athlete seeking a healthy and tasteful sports drink. The links to each sport drink are provided with each picture for anyone interested in or wanting additional information about the eight sport drinks.

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