The 11 Best Charities to give to in 2018

Well, it’s a new year.  This is the time of the year when folks are thinking back on how they helped others the previous year, and how they might do so again in the coming months.  To help make this decision…or at least brainstorm ideas for giving, below are eleven of the best charities to give to in the United States (and links to each of them) in 2018.  All of these charities have helped an incredible number of people in all manner of ways.  These charities save lives, offer assistance, help get folks back on their feet, and generally make the world a better place.  Feel free to vote on your favorite (this won’t make the nonprofit larger…it’ll just let everyone know how the nonprofit is perceived!).  Also, just incase you’re interested, I’m also including access to a few books you might find helpful in this season of giving! 

#3 Feeding America

Over 2.150 billion dollars have been raised.  This organization understands the natural waste that America goes through when it comes to food and also the realization that some Americans are going hungry. So, they have partnered with farmers, manufacturers, and retailers to make efforts that no American goes hungry.

#4 Salvation Army

Over 1.904 billion dollars have been raised.  Salvation army was created with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in mind in efforts to help a broken world through his teachings. They set up in each location possible and continue to grow and adapt their local organization around the needs to the specific community. They help with many things including: human trafficking, child hunger, help with natural disasters, and serve veterans.

#5 YMCA of the USA

Over 1.202 billion dollars have been raised.  They believe and challenge to make an impact on communities through 3 areas which include: youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Through these areas of focus and many other secondary programs they strive to bring people to work together and build strong communities.

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