The 8 Cheapest White Wine Bottles from Aldi’s

I will be reviewing the 8 cheapest white wine bottles from Aldi’s. What I wanted find was the best tasting wine possible for the best price. To find this, I accessed the quality taste and smell of each one.

For my first wine I reviewed Burlwood – Chardonnay priced at $4.49. This was a wet wine with no after taste. It did not taste great, but it didn’t taste terrible either. This wine did not smell good due to having a hint of vinegar. Second, I tried out Wolfsberg – Riesling priced at $4.99. This white wine did not smell the greatest, it almost had a hint of a nutty smell. It is a dry wine with a non- favorable after taste. Third, I reviewed Moiselle – Moscato priced at $4.49. This Moscato smelled sweet with a hint of some apricot. When I tested this wine out it tasted like sweet wet wine with a peachy apricot hint mixed with a little bit of carbonation. The fourth wine that I tested was FlirtyBird – Sauvignon Blanc priced at $3.99. This wine was not favorable at all. It had a vinegar and sour smell. It had a bland sour taste. I would not recommend it.

My fifth wine was Winking Owl – Moscato priced at $2.89. This wine surprised me with the smell and quality taste of a wine more expensive. It smelled rather sweet with a grape sensation. This wine tasted sweet with a hint of a dry sensation. It seemed like an over sugared grape juice. The sixth bottle of wine that I reviewed was Winking Owl – Pinot Grigio priced at $2.89. This wine did not a have a smell at all. It tasted dry, bitter and a hint of tartness. The seventh wine that I reviewed was Giretto – Pinot Grigio priced at $4.89. This wine smelled kind of sweet with a hint of a plum. It tasted like a pear and hint of spices. The last of the eight wines was Winking Owl – Chardonnay priced at $2.89. This wine as well had little to no smell, besides a hint of oak. It had a neutral taste with oak and spices. It as well was a dry wine.

Out of the 8 wines above I chose the 3 best white wine bottles from Aldi’s. The third best wine is Moiselle – Moscato. Due to its standing out with the carbonation as well as a sweet apricot/peach taste made it stand out. The second-best wine that I reviewed was Wolfsberg – Riesling. This wine was different than the rest, it did not have an aftertaste like all of the others. I am not a huge fan of dry wine but I am surprised how well that I liked it. Its nutty smell and non-existent after taste make it ideal to stand out above the rest of the 7. Out of these 8 wine types under $5, the best one is the Winking Owl – Moscato. Its grape sensation with a thoroughly appreciated dry aftertaste is what makes it my most enjoyed wine out of the 8 that I reviewed.

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