The Best Phone Holder For Cars

In this review I decided to choose three different style of phone holders for cars to see which one was the best overall. I decided to go with this review because I like to travel a lot and having a phone holder is essential to traveling for when you need to look at your phone for directions. The three different phone mounts that will be reviewed are the iOttie Universal Holder, iOttie CD Slot Car Mount , and a PopSocket Holder . For those unaware a PopSocket is an attachment for iPhones that are place on the back to give the phone an extra grip and a phone stand. I used a PopSocket Holder as an item for my review because it is different from the rest of the car mounts I found on Amazon.

The methodology that will be used in testing these different phone mounts will be placement, movability, and stability. In the placement category I will be looking to see if the phone mounts are easy to place inside a cars interior and to see if they are compatible. Phone mounts also need to be able to move in different directions to either move the phone closer to you or to move it towards a passenger. This will be looked into in the movability category. Finally, the stability of the phone mounts will be reviewed. Having the phone stay in place and not fall out or move during one’s drive is essential. When a phone moves to much it makes it hard for a person to look at the map on a phone. These methodologies cover a range of necessities that car mounts are looked for.

Starting with the IOttie Universal Holder the suction cup used to place the mount onto the inside of car was large and made it hard to place onto the dash board as a large flat surface was needed to place it on. The car mount was very flexible and was able to be extended forward, move up and down, and the cradle for the phone could be positioned at any degree. Stability was average on the car mount and it held the phone well and did not move too much during the test drive. Overall the iOttie Universal Holder was average and all the categories and was only lacking in the placement.

The iOttie CD slot car mount improved on the problem of the previous product by having made to fit into the CD slot eliminating the need to find a flat surface for the suction cup of the car mount. The CD slot car mount could only be moved by the phone cradle in any direction and not moved up or down or extended forward. The CD slot had terrible stability and the phone moved around to much making it seem like it would drop the phone at any moment. The CD slot car mount had some good advantages with its placement but had a big disadvantage with its stability.

Finally, the PopSocket Holder had terrible placement as you had to find a flat vertical surface pointed towards the driver side or else it was hard to use. The holder had zero movability and could not be adjusted at all. The stability was great and held the phone better than the other two holders. The PopSocket Holder was an overall bad car mount that only worked in very specific conditions.

In the end the iOttie Universal holder was the jack of all trades and beat out all the other car mounts convincingly. Even with that said the other car mounts also could excel in different scenarios compared to the Universal holder. If a car does not have any flat surface in the interior the CD slot mount would work best for that car. Also, if a car does have a flat surface pointed towards the driver side then the PopSocket holder would work best for that car. Overall each car mount might work best for different people.

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