Top 11 Most Valuable Sport Franchises in the World

This list contains the highest valued sport team across the globe.  It varies from a small amount of sports including basketball, baseball, football, and soccer.  You will notice that most of the teams on this list have a winning history for it is almost a direct correlation to how these franchises earn so much money.

#6 #6 New England Patriots

The sixth highest valued franchise and the second in the NFL are the New England Patriots.  They have increased their value a tremendous amount during the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era.  They are still in this era so expect them to continue to increase their value of $3.4 billion.

#10 #2 New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are a very strong franchise and have been for many years.  They have had some of the most legendary baseball players to ever step foot on a diamond including Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig.  They are the most valued baseball team in the MLB and have a franchise value of 3.7 billion dollars.

#11 #1 Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have the title for the most valuable franchise in the world.  They are the only franchise the goes past 4 billion dollars.  Many people refer to the Cowboys as America's team and are backed up by that due to their franchise being valued at 4.2 billion dollars.

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