Top 3 Fast Food Sweet Teas

Top Sweet Tea Review


I chose three fast food restaurants (McDonald’s, McAlister’s, Wendy’s) and decided I would review the sweet teas that they sell.


The method that I chose to follow when reviewing the sweet teas from different fast food places was to compared the cost, the way they taste and how the fast food restaurant advertises their sweet tea to the public.


McDonald’s large sweet tea is 32 oz. and is priced at only a dollar but after tax is comes out to be $1.19. McAlister’s large sweet is the same size of 32 oz but is priced at $2.00. Then Wendy’s is a bit bigger, being 40 oz and priced at $2.19 after tax. The taste of the McDonald’s tea was definitely sweet but had a heavily brewed tasted in it as well. McAlister’s tea tasted as if it was freshly brewed, with that warm and cool taste behind the strongly brewed sweet flavor. Then Wendy’s tasted a bit watered down, the brewing tasted was strong but not the sweetness taste.

McDonald’s commercials are very wonderful about letting their customers not ever forget they have a famous sweet that is only $1 on the dollar menu. Also the commercials are very quick and straight to the point. Also they like to make you laugh and have a good time while watching. McAlisters sweet tea is advertised a bit different But also well. I feel like they go out advertising the sweet tea in more of a detailed commercial, they inform you more about the history behind making their sweet tea so delicious. Wendy’s doesn’t seem to really advertise their sweet tea, which could be difficult for anyone to know that they have sweet tea to begin


I would have to say that my top pick would have to be McDonald’s for sure. All the sweetness with the flavor just creates a wonderful refreshing taste, and you definitely cant beat the price. Only a $1 for a large, sounds good to me, And lastly the advertising is just incredible, the commercials make you smile while you are watching them, which lets the customer think that they are going to have a good time drinking your sweet tea. And they are always coming out with new commercials, so you aren’t getting bored with only one.

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