Top 3 Heat Protecting Hair Products

If you tend to use heated tools on your hair often, something you may be familiar with is heat protectant. Heat protectant is essential for minimizing the damage that heat inflicts on your hair. I will be reviewing my top 3 favorite heat protectants. The three main things I will be looking at when grading these products include how effectively the product protects your hair, how greasy they leave your hair, and the price.

The first product I chose was Garnier’s Ultimate Blends Heat protection milk. A common problem from using heat protectant sprays is greasy hair. I ranked Garnier’sUltimate Blends Heat milk the number one heat protectant because it does a wonderful job protecting your hair from the heat while not weighing it down and making it greasy. This product uses a nourishing oat extract which gives your hair a silky clean look. It cost $6.17 for 150ml.

The second product I chose was ghd heat protect spray. It too, is a very lightweight spray that does not cause greasy hair. This product also works well on wet, dry, or damp hair. Many customers also noted that after consistent use of this product their split ends have improved. This product is best suited for those with fine hair. I ranked it lower than the previous product because it costs a little more. Despite the cost the only noticeable difference is that the product may be used on dry hair as well as damp. It costs $15.42 for 120ml.

The third product I chose was Living prof Restore perfecting spray. This product is great with all hair types. It too, does a very good job at protecting your hair from the heat. One downfall is that since it works well with all hair types it tends to make the finer types a little greasier than some of the other products. An added bonus is that it also doubles as a detangling spray. This could also be part of the reason it may make finer hair a little greasier. This product is a little costlier than the other two at a price of $16.08 for 50ml or $33.39 for 236ml.

Other products explored:

Alterna’sCaviar Repair Multi Vitamin Heat Protection Spray

This product is best suited for super damaged or coloredhair. $27.83 for 125ml

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth

This product is best suited for frizzy hair. $9.59 for 200ml.

Oribe Run-through detangling primer

This product is best suited for tangled hair. $37.00 for 175ml

Sebastian Professional stylebrid 9.

This product is best suited for all hair types. It costs $19.95 for 165ml

RedKin Hot Sets 22 Thermal Setting Mist

This product doubles as a hair spray and a heat protectant. It is best suited for fine hair. It costs $15.33 for 150ml

Overall, after looking at 8 different heat protecting sprays, Garnier’s Ultimate Blends Heat protection milk, ghd heat protect spray, and Living prof Restore perfecting spray were the top three products when comparing the effectiveness, non-greasiness, and cost.

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