What is an MMORPG? MMORPG is an abbreviation for Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Anime game mmorpg is a genre of video games that has many players who are playing a role or creating a story in a game. Most of the story is made by the players and the quests that gives purpose to what the game is meant for. The style of the MMORPG that was focused on was anime style. The major criteria that were observed in this research were the graphics, soundtrack, accessibility and the gameplay. For the graphics, it does not have to be the highest quality, but if it has great animation and unique style of characters, that would win many audiences. A catchy soundtrack is also useful in setting up the mood of the game and creating a different dimension of where the game sets. Another important aspect of the game is if it can be downloaded easily and where it can be found. The gameplay is where most of the observations come from because it includes instructions such as how to play the game, what the storyline is consist of, and what is the purpose of the game. Most of the MMORPG that qualified in the anime-based category were browser games because download is not required, and it only needs a flash player to operate. There are several games that are outstanding but only the following three were chosen: Antaria Online, Ragnarok Journey, and Mabinogi

The game that fell into the third place was Antaria Online from Kongregate games, because it was easy to play, and it was very cutesy. For a browser anime MMORPG, it had everything a first-time player would need. Despite the fact that it had an appealing game play, the background music was very subtle, and the graphics was basic. The only downside was it did not have much of a character customization and it can be tedious doing quests repeatedly.

For second place, Ragnarok Online by Gravity was the best choice. The graphics was not the best either, but it was great for back when it was first made. Whoever was the graphic designers, they made effort on creating details on the 2-D graphics and created a colorful aspect of the game. The best part about the game was the background music and the gameplay. Right from the beginning, the music gives an upbeat feeling and it creates good vibes to the gamers. For the gameplay, it gives options of what jobs are available and it is easier to maneuver because it is somewhat automated when doing quests.

The number one anime MMORPG is Mabinogi by Nexon. The game earned its reputation for it is a total unique that not many role-playing games have. At the beginning of the game, there will be a choice of either becoming a human, an, elf, or a giant, and once choice is made that character will age every week. There are also several unique classes to choose from such as puppeteer, fighter, bard, alchemist, healer, magician, and many more. In the world of Mabinogi, the possibilities are endless because all jobs can be trained by players, and the gears are customizable by using colored dyes. There is also a marriage system in this game for those who are in a long-distance relationship. The music and storyline are definitely the most outstanding catch of this game, but list goes on for all the positive reviews that players bring for Mabinogi.

The other honorable mentioned games were Mythic Glory and MU Classic Online. Mythic Glory is based on many story lines of how to become a hero and creating story-line based on the players’ choice. The game is locked with only few character selections based on 3 classes for both male and female. For the most part, the game has its great 3d graphics and story-line, but the story is a little bit distracting for players because most people do not read the cut scenes and just proceed with the adventure. The only down side of the graphics is that it is quite heavy, so it may freeze for some people who uses older computers. Sound effects and music for Mythic Glory does have a crisp quality that makes the game sound more realistic. Since this game can be played in the browser, it is convenient for gamers to load it with a flash player.

The MU Classic online also takes the spot for the honorable mentioned because of its awesome game composition. For an older game, it still has its charm to attract many players. The graphics has its own mixture of 2D and 3D, that matches with its great background sound and music. MU is an exceptional game because it is user friendly and it can be played by almost anyone because the character is usually controlled by auto-route, meaning people can multi-task while playing. The game is easily accessible as well and free to play via browser with a flash player. MU encourages people to become a hero and select a career path that will suit each gamer to unlock greater opportunities and prizes.

In conclusion, games such anime MMORPG has strong impact for some people, because the details that is expressed in the game might hypnotize many gamers to play more and possibly spend more than the usual. The most important aspect of online gaming is to relieve stress, make social connections, and learn from storyline experiences. Not many people see the value of games but sometimes it can create a good difference to people because it can also improve hidden potential skills one character possess. Anime MMORPG might not be appealing to many people due to its basic graphics, but some games have soundtracks and storyline that can motivate gamers to be creative, sociable, and competitive.

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