Top 5 Best Chapsticks



Coming in at number one of the five best chapsticks is the brand Burt’s Bees. For me, this one overall is just great. I based the brands off three categories. These include: The appearance, the benefit to yourself by using them, and finally the smell of them. The Burt’s Bees package is yellow with little honey bees on it. It is $2.97 at Walmart for just one stick. This chapstick is fairly clear in color, while gliding smoothly on ones lips. It is unscented, which is great for those who maybe do not like much smell or have allergies. The chapstick lasts on my lips, keeping them hydrated at the same time. Reapplication is very little needed each day. I believe Burt’s Bees chapstick is the best based the most on its longevity and convenience for me.

Coming in at a close second for me was the brand Chap block. For me, this brand has a great feeling even hours later. As if it has just been applied. The thick consistency really supports this feeling. It feels as if you are really getting your moneys worth with each use. Along with the great quality of it, the appearance is also quite appealing. Usually, coming in a very vibrant packaging and wax base. This can definitely stand out on any shelf of chapsticks. The smell on the other hand maybe the reason it came in behind the Burt’s Bees. The smell of Chap Block can be smelled from several feet away once applied. Personally, this is a downfall of this product. Others however, will find this as a positive thing.

Coming in at number three for me was the brand Blistex. This one perhaps is the best one for future lip conditions. Many chapsticks do not have much medicine in them to prevent later on lip dryness. However, Blistex is the opposite, where results after just a couple weeks are noticeable. This is why i have ranked this brand third. The appearance of Blistex is quite bland. Usually surrounded in a light blue package, this would not catch most eyes for appeal. Same with the mostly clear waxing inside. The smell is even worse than the looks. The scent given off by this brand reminds me of a Vaseline type substance, or just any time of medicated cough-drop smell.

Coming in at number four, the common Chapstick brand is nothing special. This is the standard type many people seem to posses. For me, this one seemed to help little. Time after time of using it just made me need more after a little time. Very time consuming and inefficient. This brand is pretty standard packaging along with its generic name. However, this is bought quite often by many people. The smell in my opinion was fairly strong. still, not near as potent as Chap Black’s odor.

Lastly, at number five, is the brand EOS. This in my opinion out of the five chapstick brands used, was my least favorite. The best part of this one was the packaging. Supplied in a oval like, almost easter egg shaped container. This would trick many people into buying it. The smell on this one was decent. Nothing special by any means. As far as the most important factor, the effectiveness of it, it was not good. After use, there was not even a smooth feeling. The amount that was applied would fade within an hour easily.

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