What is the best frozen pizza?

The first pizza i reviewed was the Red Baron Cheese Pizza. It had a calorie count of 380. It is the second most expensive pizza coming in at $3.77. The instructions did not properly cook it, leaving the crust very burned on the bottom. However despite being burnt it still tasted very good and it is still something that can be enjoyed. If it wasn’t for that, i could see it being higher on this list. However it will remain at number 3. 

The second pizza I reviewed was Great Value cheese pizza. Great Value had a count of 310 calories per serving. As far as price goes it is the cheapest pizza with a price of $2.78. The instructions provided it to be overcooked, however not nearly to the extent as Red Baron was. When it comes to taste it scored the second highest with an average score of 5.5. It is a great pizza and you can’t go wrong with it. It’s a very cheap pizza and you get more for your money. I highly recommend it. It more than earned the number 2 spot. 


The last pizza on this list is Digiornos cheese pizza. It is definitely the most high quality pizza on this list. The calorie count is 218, making it the lowest of the three. This is by far the most expensive pizza on this list with a price of $5.47. The instructions were very efficient in cooking the pizza and it felt almost restaurant quality. The taste score blew all other pizzas out of the water with a high score of 7.75. I would highly recommend and it was definitely worth the price. It will have its rightful place as the best of the three and will take the number 1 spot for best frozen pizza. 

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